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See the Basic Editing page for markup rules. It is recommended that you use an existing page as a template. To do so, simply open an existing page and click the Edit link on the righthand toolbar, then copy the contents to your new page.

Writing Style

Generally, the style is expected to follow a pseudo-encyclopedic/academic/historical format.

  • Use objective phrasing where possible. If a fact is important enough to be included in a page, but is narratively ambiguous, try providing an explanation as it was presented within the setting. E.g. Herakhai stated during their encounter that the demon had probably existing since before the downfall.
  • Characters should be referred to in the past tense. The exception to this are truly immortal entities, such as the ancestor spirits.
  • Places can be referred to in present tense, unless they stopped existing at some point. E.g. the City of Falling Stars? was a city, while Lakhnatha is still a city and is expected to remain so into the future.

Character Pages

Any character can have their own page, so long as there is enough information to merit it. For minor characters, it is probably better to list them as a subsection under a related page. For example, Lakhnatha could have a Notable Residents section that lists minor characters by name, along with a short blurb.

Remember that a character's page should focus on a factual and dispassionate account of their history. The wiki is not a place to advocate for your favorite character, so you should generally avoid phrasing events in a way that attempts to justify a character's actions or applies value judgements. A wiki page should simply provide an objective description. If you want to provide insight into motivations or feelings, that can be done in its own section (e.g. Psychology, Beliefs, etc.).

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