Setobi Kamika


Year 10XX Post Downfall
Lakhnatha, Naidjat


Djin (male)


Fire (Primary), Water, Air,
Lightning, Shapeshifting




Setobi Naeshika



Setobi Kamika was a Nai Umae? mage who was a member of Lord Setobi's household during the early Setobi Restoration? period. She was transformed into a male via a spirit pact and secretly lived as a man under the alias Djin. She was a prominent citizen of Lakhnatha until her departure following the defeat of Koshay the Deathless?.



Kamika was born in Lakhnatha to Laeluthae and Saishavor of House Setobi?, making her a Nai Umae noble lady by birth. She had an unnamed older brother. After the fall of House Setobi and the destruction of Lakhnatha, her father and elder brother joined the majority of Setobi men in committing ritual suicide. Her mother was remarried to Lairin Ranatai, who became her adoptive father. She had one younger half-brother by their union, Lairin Khalail.

Kamika was raised in a Lairin country estate owned by her father. She benefited from a classic noble education, which included receiving secret lessons in magic as arranged by her mother. After coming of age, she was entered into an arranged betrothal with Asadai Hadjei. She ran away from home with the goal of escaping the arranged marriage and studying magic.

Karvast Years

To avoid notice after leaving her home, Kamika cut her hair and dressed as a boy. She traveled to Karvast? by riverboat, where she became a nominal member of the Guild of the Golden Beacon. She received magical training from Master Wuzhi, who also employed her as a stage wright in his theatres, performing backstage special effects for theatrical shows.

During this period, she arranged a magical bargain through a local witch. A pact was formed with Necklace of Mirrors, a powerful snake spirit, which transformed her into a male. In exchange, she gave up her beauty, which would return slowly over the course of one year until the pact was renewed.

Setobi Restoration

Post Setobi

Kamika made a pilgrimage to the Dragon Library? to advance her magical studies, where she eventually learned Earth and Light magic. She later joined Aturi in establishing a new university of magic, both continuing her study and working as a part time instructor.

She married Naeshika after a few years of courtship, with whom she fathered (as Djin) a child. The family continued to live in Lakhnatha during the summer months to oversee Naeshika's feudal lands.


In her later life, Kamika served as an instructor for many younger magicians. She also continued to advocate for equal rights for women and public education. She authored and contributed to manuscripts and letters on a wide range of topics, including magical theory, pedagogy, philosophy, and diplomacy. Her best known work is the magical textbook Ten New Scales?. She also laid out early foundations for a new branch of magic focused on shapeshifting, though this work failed to garner significant attention at the time and was left unfinished.

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